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SEZ Rules and Amendments
Recommendation of Rules Committee to review the SEZ Rules, 2006 Comments-reg.
Amendment in Rule 41, 42 and 50 of SEZ Rules, 2006 relating to gems and jewellery unit.
Amendment in Rule 76 of SEZ Rules, 2006
Notification regarding Rule 5A of SEZ Rules 2006
Amendment of SEZ Rules, 2006 relating to revise time limit for filing of Annual Performance Report by SEZ Units.
Amendment Operatioalsation of Section 20, 21 and 22 of SEZ Act dealing with notification of offences enforcement authorities and modalities thereof.
Amendment Rule 2 sub rule 1 of SEZ Rule, 2006 dated 5th August, 2016
Amendment Rule 47 sub rule 4 of SEZ Rule, 2006 dated 5th August, 2016
Amendment Rule 30 sub rule 1 of SEZ Rule, 2006 dated 6th August, 2015
Amendment Annexure II of SEZ Rule
Procedure for Setting up an International Finance Service Centre IFSC unit in SEZs
Gazette Notification of guidelines for setting up of International Financial Services Unit in SEZ.
Amendment to Rule 11 sub rule 10 of SEZ Rules, 2006 dated 02.01.2015
Implementation of the SEZ Amendment Rules, 2013 - Clarifications.
SEZ Amendment Rule, 2013 Gazette copy
SEZ Rules, 2006 with amendments upto July, 2010
SEZ Rules, 2010 Sixth Amendment G.S.R. 982.E.dated 16th December, 2010
SEZ Rules, 2010 Fifth Amendment G.S.R. 903.E.dated 10th November, 2010
SEZ Rules, 2010 Fourth Amendment G.S.R. 784.E.dated 28th September, 2010
SEZ Rules, 2010 Third Amendment G.S.R.732.E. dated 7th September, 2010
SEZ Rules, 2010 Second Amendment G.S.R.597 dated 12th July, 2010
SEZ Rules, 2010 Amendment G.S.R. 501.E. dated 14th June, 2010
SEZ Rules, 2009 Third Amendment S.O 562.E. dated 3rd August 2009
SEZ Rules, 2009 Second Amendment S.O 1293.E. dated 20th May 2009
SEZ Rules, 2006 with Amendments till May 2009
SEZ Rules, 2009 Amendment G.S.R.72.E. dated 3rd February 2009
SEZ Rules, 2008 Amendment G.S.R.2661.E. dated 14th November 2008
SEZ Rules, 2006 Third Amendment G.S.R.1744E dated 12th October 2007
SEZ Rules, 2006 Second Amendment S.O.393E dated 16th March 2007
SEZ Rules, 2006 Amendment G.S.R.470.E. dated 10th August 2006
Notification regarding setting up of Special Economic Zone Authorities
SEZ Authority Rules


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